Acro B&B



Acro Bed and Breakfast


Acro B&B combines the best of private acrobatics training

 and sightseeing the natural beauty of Colorado.

Stay in my Lakewood home for a weekend of personalized training, enjoy healthy home made breakfasts Saturday and Sunday morning, train all day, and enjoy Colorado during rest hours!

I book Acro BnB weekends at Boulder Circus Center, which is fully equipped with floor mats, crash mats, and a spotting harness for bigger skills.

After you’ve trained to your heart’s content you can see a local show, visit a museum, hear some amazing music, take one of the amazing nearby hikes, take acro photos at a favorite spot, eat at one of our amazing microbreweries.

The weekend of training is your design and we’ll work towards your goals at a pace that feels good.

You will leave this weekend with a personalized training plan,

properly sore muscles,

and unique Colorado experiences.

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