Acro Jax Weekend Intensive



Join Aaron Lind for a weekend of training! We’ll cover a huge variety of super fun Icarian Games skills ranging from linear saltos (cascade, castaway, and more) to lateral spinning skills building up to varial flip. This weekend is designed to give you a ton of skills, from basic linear throws to much more complex and challenging movements. Come prepared to have fun, learn new skills and new training tools, work hard and connect with like-minded training partners! Partnerships and groups are recommended but you may come solo and find partners in the group.

Foundational Icarian work:
Straight throws in Front and Back Facing Seated positions, Front Plank, Bed, and Prone Bed are both prerequisite skills for the weekend and will be further refined near the beginning of the weekend for accuracy and power. Spotting will be a focus in this section and will develop as the skills and group competency and cohesion increase.

Hand to Hand and Popping:
Many Icarian skills require a solid H2H and RH2H. We’ll spend some time refining and learning to create stability and possibility for rotation in each.

Icarian Games Content:
Tempos in basic skills
Toss to Foot to Foot and Reverse F2F
Reverse Bird launching and group passing skills
Front Handspring (aka Castaway)
Back Bird to Reverse Throne 3/4 Salto (aka Royal Pancake)
Cascade and Corbet from Star and Reverse Star
Seated, Bed, and Prone Bed Lateral Spinning,
Bed basic toss transitions, 1/2 salto dismounts, and more
180’s, 360’s, and more in Front Plank and Bed
Building tempos in Lateral Spinning Skills
Progression to Varial Flip
and more!

Safety and spotting, training philosophy, and communication skills will be a major component of the weekend.

Comfort entering and exiting L-Base H2H and RH2H, balance not required
Straight throws in Front Plank, Seated (straight legs variation), and Bed

November 8-10


Friday 6-9 PM
Saturday 10-1 & 3-6
Sunday 10-1 & 3-6

$200 Early bird prior to Nov 6
$225 thereafter

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