Icarian Journal Episode 3: Training Volume, New Skills, and Sequencing

Icarian Journal Episode 3: Training Volume, New Skills, and Sequencing

Day 3 in the cradle! Courtney and I had a lot of learning as we made our way through one super high volume training session and a skill building, technique and choreography session after, check out the 2 workouts below. 


We’re training hard and the fact that every day is leg day for a base feels super real right now. I’ve gone through waves of soreness both from the new lines and from exertion. Sleep, hydration, and stretching and recovery with my Marc pro E-stim unit has been essential to keeping up the volume. I’m noticing that after a week, my stamina is already increasing! Everything still feels new-ish, but the edginess of thowing new skills is giving way to a feeling of familiarity. The safety bails are definitely helping me relax a bit. As I expected, some things are coming together quickly while others are taking more time to adapt. 


Workout one was focused on leg conditioning and working bird/throne into tempo in the cradle.

Workout two was focused on castaway review/refinement, spinning tempo, and getting through a sequence of everything we’ve learned in the previous 2 days of training sessions.


Early Afternoon training/conditioning session:

Warm up with the pipes

5 sets of 15 straight throws, 10 for max height, 5 for medium height

3 sets Throne to Bird, Bird to Throne

5 sets Tempo Bird to Throne up to 4 throws



The base’s legs do most of the driving for Bird toss to Throne, and the rotation comes from pointing through the feet. The base’s arms are not needed and are actually kind of awkward. I felt like a T-Rex trying to reach with my arms. Connecting the hands and then carrying, throwing, and rotating with my legs worked really well. We’re training seated to plank with a hand catch so we can catch back handsprings in Bird and tempo up to seated among other things. 


Evening session:

Review Throne Bird, no base hands for the bird catch

5 sets of castaway, walk out bail if needed

5 sets of Bed Spin, built up to 6 throws clean (new PR for me, so stoked!)

3 sets of a new sequence: Seated, Bird, Seated, Bird, Castaway, Seated, Bed, 4 Tempo spins (So fun! Feels great to be in the chair for almost a minute throwing a variety of skills and they all work pretty well!)

First attempts at Bird ½ twist to Back Plank, Back Plank ½ twist to Bird

Finish with Pipe spinning


  • The Cali Coast jam was so nice: good range of standing and L-Base acrobats, nice people, sprung floors and a tumble track with a huge pit mat for me to work on saltos and stuff. This place make me a happy acrobat 🙂
  • Castaway is still flying a bit more forward than I want. I wrote about my strategy to get it to land on top of my line better last blog and I’m still working on getting it just right. Curious to see when the ease sets in, sometimes new or different patterns take a few sessions of adjusting and then sleeping on them to set in my muscle memory.
  • I’ve put in years of work spinning pipes and mats on my feet. I’m really happy that our first session of doing Bed Spins was very successful, and 6 tempos fast and clean is a PR. We have a lofty goal to hit 20 spins clean in a couple months, and day 1 is very encouraging towards that. 
  • Working sequences is so helpful, the goal isn’t to be perfect, but to make it through as best as we can. There’s a range of possibility that can work in throwing and catching, and while training towards consistent execution is our intention, training to be able to handle several probable outcomes (off foot placement/body tension/throw direction/etc) is also extremely important. 


That’s it for episode 3! We put in 5 hours this day and it felt super productive. For day 4 we worked into Foot to Foot skills and the bail outs are worth their own entry, stay tuned for more! 


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