About the Immersion System


The Immersion program is designed for committed acrobatic students who wish to take their practice to the next level in the company of like-minded people. During each immersion, students will receive a full spectrum of information from beginner to advanced level acrobatics. The immersion program is separated into 3 parts: Fundamentals, Intermediate, and Advanced. Each program is progressive and is designed not only to create a fun and empowering experience, but also to teach students how to train for success outside of the classroom.



Fundamentals Immersion


The Fundamentals Immersion is a 5 day, 30 hour training for students brand new to partner acrobatics, more advanced students looking to improve their skills at a basic level, and teachers looking for a walk-through of skills and techniques to offer to their students. The content includes a set of 45 skills for raw beginners, intermediate beginners, and advanced beginners, and offers a range of L-Base (supine base) and standing acro at each level. Safety practices, spotting, effective and compassionate communication practice, and interpersonal skills are also a priority in this experience. It is not necessary to come with a partner, though it’s a great idea to come with one or with a group of people that will continue to work together after the immersion.

Prerequisites to attend:

  • 10 Push ups
  • 15 second handstand at the wall
  • No major injuries

Intermediate Immersion: Foundations of Standing Hand to Hand and Dynamic L-Basing


The Intermediate Immersion is a 5-day, 30 hour training for students who are ready to play and take the acrobatics practice to the next level! During the immersion, students will be introduced to intermediate level L-Basing washing machines, standing acrobatics, next-level solo tumbling, and handstand skills building on the fundamentals. Level-appropriate standing acrobatic skills including counterbalances, lifts, and preparatory elements for standing hand to hand and foot to hand skills will also be a component of training each day. If you are confident and stable in fundamental skills, this week-long offering will be the perfect segue into a world of acrobatic movement!


Prerequisite skills to attend:

Advanced Immersion: Hand to Hand and Dynamic L-Basing

The Advanced Immersion is an action-packed 5 days of Standing H2H, RH2H mounts, dismounts, and challenging transitions. Dynamic L-Basing is also a feature, including Icarian Games, whips, whip pops. This immersion is for students well-versed in partner acrobatics and looking for more difficult material leading towards performance and high-level play in calibrated partnerships.

Prerequisite skills to attend:


  • 1 minute handstand (either spotted, against wall, or free)
  • Cartwheel (both sides)
  • Forward Roll and Back Roll
  • 20 Push Ups in one set
  • 1 minute plank pose
  • 1 minute hollow body hold

* 1 minute handstand (spotted, against wall, or free)
* Cartwheel (both sides)
* Forward Roll and Back Roll
* 20 Push Ups in one set
* 1 minute plank pose
* 1 minute hollow body hold

* 1 minute L-Base Foot to Hand and Reverse Foot to Hand on straight arms
* Front Plank pop to Reverse Hand to Hand hold 10 seconds, bail out to side
* Jump to low Hand to Hand, hold 10 seconds
* Icarian: Front Plank toss to Seated, Seated toss to Front Plank, Reverse Star Overbalance toss to Seated
* Swan Dive, Back Whip from Seated and Reverse Throne

* Standing F2H, (5 squats, 5 push presses towards extension)
* Standing H2H (5 seconds, no walking)


*Fulfills prerequisite training time and skills for Aaron Lind Acrobatics Teacher Training

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