Meet Aaron

Aaron Lind


Aaron is a renowned teacher of partner acrobatics and an advocate for empowerment through play. He has been teaching acro for over a decade is a highly trained and professional teacher. Aaron is a perennial student, and considers extensive study the prerequisite for teaching. Over the course of many years of study with his circus coaches, Wybren Wouda, Jean Luc Martin, and Niko Douwes, and acrobatic gymnastics coach Gawain Dupree, he has developed a keen eye for coaching, a well developed and continually evolving program for presenting acrobatics to larges groups of students, and a reputation as an effective and compassionate teacher. In addition to circus training, Aaron holds 2 levels of certification from AcroYoga International and 2 yoga certifications that has given him the depth of experience to offer acro to a full range of students coming from a diverse set of backgrounds, from raw beginner to professional level skills.


Aaron is also a musician and seasoned performer, holding an MFA in Jazz Studies, from the University of New Orleans followed by years of performing both music and acrobatics for clubs, conventions, community theater, New Orleans-style burlesque, and variety shows. He brings a creative flair to his offerings and invites students to cultivate performance as a natural extension of a skill-based practice.


Aaron brings all of his artistic talents into his teaching. His classes are inclusive, playful, and fun, while remaining grounded in practical and well-tested training methodology. His ability to articulate sophisticated movements in anatomical and action-oriented language creates a powerful learning environment for students to access deeper levels of refined embodiment. Aaron’s intention for teaching is to cultivate empowerment, confidence, and artistic expression in the dedicated student! What he loves about teaching is seeing students exceed their own expectations!